Psychotherapy is an excercise in knowing yourself in the search for a more complete mental and emotional wellbeing.


Couples Counselling

The goal of couples counselling is to establish new ways to communicate and strengthen the links between the couple.

Couples Counselling

Online Counselling

Online counselling with a psychologist in Merida, Mexico. Speak to a psychologist from the comfort of your home or from wherever you are.

Online Counselling

Psychology Services

Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety can make you feel like you are losing control. Whether it comes unexpectedly, like a panic attack or in the form of persistent worries about what could happen if you make the wrong decision. You may experience your heart racing, cold sweat and the feeling that something will go wrong.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety counselling in Yucatan

Depression Counselling

Sadness is a normal feeling we all experience sometimes. For most people, feeling sad or even depressed can last one or two days. But in some cases, these feelings of sadness, loss of motivation and apetite and feeling down can last weeks or even months.

Depression Counselling

Depression Counselling, Psychologist Merida

Grief Counselling

Losing someone dear can cause a pain and sadness that is difficult to describe. Regardless if it was an important person, a beloved mascot, a job or a starting spot in a sports team, pain and sadness can cause life to feel flat and empty. When the grief lasts too long, it is better to talk to a psychologist.

Grief Counselling

Grief Counselling in Merida

Stress Management

As the rhythm of life accelerates, staying on top of things can be difficult. Work, life, relations, caring for children or aging parents can be exhausting and take a toll. Therapy can help you manage stress by taking control of your thinking and your emotions.

Stress management

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Autism and ADHD

In Autism and ADHD counselling we learn to adapt to the challenges of being neurodivergent to help you have a better life. It may be difficult but we can work together to help you enjoy your life. We work with children and adults in identification and treatment of ASD and ADHD.

Autism and ADHD counselling

Autism and ADHD counselling in Merida

Couples Counselling - Psychologist Merida

Psychologist in Mérida, reconnect with your emotions

Emtional therapy and psychologists in Mérida have always worked hard to help people reconnect with their feelings and emotions, and in particular during the last two years because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Being in lockdown and social distancing have changed the way of life for everyone. This radical change, along with the fear of contagion, this generates heavy emotional stress.

On the other hand, modern technology enables us to work virtually and be available to help anywhere at anytime. Many mental health concerns can be helped by virtual counselling with a psychologist in Merida. A Merida psychologist has the same level of efficacy online as in person and therapy can help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms as well as help with family and couples issues.

During the first session, your therapist will help you understand the therapeutic process. Diagnostic may require more than one session and after that, the treatment plan will be discussed. The treatment plan can include weekly or monthly sessions and an estimation of the duration of the therapy, be it a couple of weeks or months, depending on each case.

Most of our clients work with the psychologist an average of 6 to 20, 50 minutes sessions.

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