In couples counselling we understand that relationships are complex. It is more than just loving each other, couples need to find a balance between passion, intimacy, respect and commitment. It takes effort because it is necessary to have good communication and to maintain a relationship in which both members of the couple grow and enrich their lives. Dealing with problems and difficulties is normal during a relationship. These problems must be faced as a couple and in some cases, may not be resolved adequately. These conflicts can begin as something small, but over time can grow to something big and complicated if not properly dealt with.

For cases in which the conflicts have grown or have accumulated, there is the option to seek professional help in the form of couples counselling. Couples counselling is a form of psychological treatment whose goal is to improve the situation and the relationship when faced with a conflict or series of conflicts that affect daily life of the couple or is generating suffering for one or both members.

Couples counselling can be very helpful during crisis and when dealing with long duration conflicts. Some of the difficulties that benefit from couples counselling are:

  • Poor or inexistent communication
  • Sexual issues
  • Poor or inexistent emotional expression or emotional intimacy
  • Substance abuse like alcohol
  • Health problems like chronic illness of one or both members
  • Eating disorders
  • Family integration, adoption

  • Marriage issues like separation or divorce
  • Differences in parenting styles
  • Traumatic experiences, like loss and grief
  • Lack of shared goals
  • Loss of interest
  • Jealousy and infidelity

Couples counselling Merida

Couples counselling process

Our couples therapist will stand back from what is being experienced by the members of the couple and provide a new perspective on things. A professional therapist does not take sides, but will aim to help you find ways to understand each other better in the relationship. This can be very powerful in enabling change and improving any situation the couple is experiencing.

Couples counselling can be done individually, or together as a couple — if both members of the relationship agree that there are some issues to work on, participating in therapy together can address the couple's concerns and dramatically improve the quality of the relationship and life. Sometimes, it is necessary to have individual sessions to discuss specific situations before getting back to the couple sessions as well. In couples counselling, the psychologist will take the time to understand and address issues from all perspectives and will help you find solutions that everyone is comfortable with.

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