Stress is part of everyday and comes and goes on a regular basis. Stress is how our body responds to pressure. A variety of situations or life events can cause stress. It tends to trigger when we are experiencing something new or unexpected, when we feel something threatens our sense of self, or when we feel we have little or no control over a given situation. Everyone deals with stress in a different way.

Stress management

Life is full of demands from day to day living. It is fairly commong to feel “stressed”. In small amounts stress can be a good thing, for instance it may help us plan, motivate us to work hard and even alert us to potential dangers around us. However, at other times it may find it difficult to ignore your stress and you may end up feeling overwhelmed. If you find yourself frequently saying “I feel stressed out” or you are experiencing high levels of stress, when it is affecting your functioning in areas such as work, school, family and social relations, it may be time to speak with a psychologist.

Some clients seek stress management therapy at different moments. Some feel overwhelmed due to a Major stressor in their lives. Others may want to learn more effective strategies and develop skills to equip themselves with the resources for handling day to day stressors in their life or big changes as they come.

Stress Management

It is possible to not realize how valuable a signla stress can be. With frequency, people ignore stress thinking that it is a sign of their failure or that it will go away on its own. The psychologist helps by listening to these signals and teaching you techniques and better strategies to manage your stress. It is not possible and we shouldn't eliminate stress 100%, but it can definitively be better managed so that in you daily life you can enjoy every moment more.

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