Grief counselling Merida

Grief Counselling

Losing someone or something you love can leave you feeling life is flat, broken and in pain. Finding ways to adapt and to make sense of what happened can be difficult, nobody goes through grief and loss quite the same way. Most of the time, you should be able to manage the loss and grief, then come out of it and back into life. However, there are times in which the pain is too much or we are not able to cope, in these cases, it is important to have grief counselling to get you through the tough times.

Loss of a loved one?

The most common type of grief comes from the loss of a loved one. While most people assume it is the loss of a person we loved, it can sometimes take the form of a beloved pet. It can also come from the end of a relationship or the loss of your job, pain from loss and grief come in many forms.

Loss can leave you with many unanswered questions, regrets and what ifs. In grief therapy the goal is to help you find your answers, sort through the pain and be able to let go of whatever you lost. Change and improvement can be appreciated from the third or fourth sessions, clients often describe it as a relief and in the end, often come out with lessons and important changes to who and what they are for the better.

Another special form of loss is the one parents experience when a child comes out as transgender. It can be difficult to accept that your son is now a daughter or your daughter is now a son, it can cause its own form of trauma and is grieved as an important loss. In these cases, therapy will help you come to terms with the change in your child's life and help build a new relationship based on love and understanding.

Have you recently experienced loss? Would you like to talk about it? Contact us, we will listen and guide you through the difficult times.

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